2. sbosma:

    More from The Hanging Tower. These are about 3” and >1” respectively. I’m drawing super slow today but I like the drawings, so hm.

  3. namcomuseum:

    If you weren’t aware, August 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the arcade version of Pac-Land!

    To celebrate, here’s the rare Pac-Land board game, which was released shortly after Pac-Land’s arcade release.

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  4. cryptofwrestling:

    Revell / Ed Big Daddy Roth model kit ad

    (Mid 1960s)

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  6. vintagemanga:

    HAYASHI Seiichi (林静一 ), Hakana yume /儚夢

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  9. smvidaurri:

    A bunch of sketches from today

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