1. abbyboeh:

    Hey guys! Here’s some assets I made for Light Grey Art Lab’s Dream Arcade show! The stuff in this level was designed by yours truly, and the talented folks at Light Grey designed the level and made everything work smoothly and look awesome! My level is #19, but all the other levels are amazing!

    You can play it here!


  2. the-milk-eyed-mender:

    when will my coraline/silent hill underworld adv enture begin? i have my outfit picked out and everything

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  8. derekcharm:

    Gushing about this series to my editor all through SDCC led to me being asked to do a cover for Transformers vs GI Joe #5. It was fun to play up the over-the-top “toyetic” tone of the series. Very lucky, #blessed, and stoked. Out in December!

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